Le témoignage d’Alice & Léo

« Emilie, we could not have chosen anyone more amazing and with a better connection to have made this ceremony for us and we are eternally grateful. Thank you so much for all your help and moral support!

Everyone has said that the ceremony was amazing. The only sad thing is to not have our Skype meetings anymore I’m going to miss that 😫

© Yoris Photographer

I wish we had a video of the ceremony so I wanted to read again and look at the pictures to put it all together in my head because it goes so fast you can hardly remember! So thanks a lot for the ceremony book that you send us, we finally get some quiet time to read it and to cry some happy tears.

We send you lots of love and I hope soon we can have a drink together in France. »

Alice & Léo, octobre 2019, Formule Concerto

© Yoris Photographer

Alice et Léo 2019 – Cérémonie sur mesure